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LinaBroz made a thing where you had to make a character and color it with a select color pallete and i chose "I (Kinda) Like You Back".

This is Petal, a cute n cuddly lil puggy pug who loves playing and having fun. I took inspiration from my own dog Tiny (she's the ultimate couch potato ^^)

Petal belongs to me, me and just me.
Damn! These guys got them moves!!!

Ver "Salty - Tic Toc (Crash Riddim)" en YouTube
Here's a tag i made cause i can :p

- You have to type 20 facts about yourself.
- You have to copy this roolz.
- You have to drag a minimun of 8 people into this.

Mein facts:

- I'm currently 16.
- I'm Costa Rican but i have an old German ancestry from my mom side, however i'm as Tico as one can get.
*Tico= Slang for Costa Rican.
- My birthday is March 26, 2001.
- I have a slight mental defficit. It's difficult for me to focus on one thing and not thinking of another.
- Due to my mental issues is often hard for me to find the proper words in a conversation or when writing something.
- I have a 5 year old female Pug named Tiny.
- Next year i'm gonna move to Redlands, California due to my mother's boyfriend living there.
- Ever since i remember i had a wild obsession towards animals and nature
- When i was a kid in 6th grade i was fucked in the bathroom by a male college student. However i fucked him back because he wanted me to do it. So after that i watched some gay porn a couple of times, i sticked a carrot through my ass once in the shower and sometimes i fap to futanari porn, but other than that i like women as much as any hetero guy.
*futanari= Chicks with Dicks
- My great grandfather was the late Cleto Gonzalez Viquez, a.k.a one of Costa Rica's past presidents.
-When i was in the 4th grade i used to HATE The Lion King because it showed hyenas as retard cowards. I was such a monster back then because one day during class we were assigned to do a Western Wanted poster and i drew Walt Disney with a Hitler moustache and a scar through his eye. And the most ironic thing is that at the time i didn't knew what Walt Disney looked like nor i didn't knew who Hitler was to begin with so i had to do an ass-pull of how Walt Disney looked like.
-I've only went to just two countries in my whole life: The US and Dominican Republic, which the last one i went when i was a little kid.
-My favorite music genres are mostly from the 20th century and early 2000s and are funk, hip-hop, jazz, rap, bands, rock and classical, but every now and then i like to listen to the electronic commercialist trendy "songs" of today.
-My favorite animals are primates, ungulates, and most lesser known species.
- My favorite instrument is the saxophone.
- Some of my favorite foods and drinks are iced tea, burgers, papayas, bananas, pizza, anything grape-flavoured, peanut butter chocolate, mixed fruit smoothies, bitter-sweet chicken and sodas.
- Whenever i draw something i often listen to music or reviews related to that something like when doing dinosaurs i sometimes listen to "Walk The Dinosaurs" (both the original and the Queen Latifah version) or Trey the Explainer videos.
- I hope of becoming an animator in the future so i can give my current and future projects life.
- My favorite color is orange.
- The cartoons i'm currently watching are Steven Universe, Mighty Magiswords, Trollhunters and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

The chosen ones selected for population control are:



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Sebastian Gonzalez Vargas
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Costa Rica
Hello stranger

My name is Sebastian but you can call me Sebas.

I'm an atheist thats obssesed with animals , animation , drawing , among other things.

Here I post my art , specifically my OC's and fan art.I'm also very in love with primates , ungulates , among other animals.That is why im spiring to be a cartoonist and character designer in the near future and make a cartoon about my dearest proyect named Primate Business , which is about primates living with us in a modern society.

commisions and requests are usually reserved for friends , but if you want to ask me anything , I will answer whenever I can.

Faves are welcome but watches and comments are treated as a gift around here
Have a good day , night , afternoon , etc.


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